Creating maintenance spaces using Dynamo

Hi all,

I’m a student and I’m new to Dynamo. I want to start a project that uses Dynamo to dictate the amount of space required for maintenance in areas such as restrooms with pipes and ducts within grid type ceilings, etc. Would it be possible to do it with Dynamo? Thanks in advance!

@mrrussellt ,

we implement this areas in our families… we export it also to IFC, so we can permanently check, whether these areas are intersecting with something…

When your families are done like this you can also make interesection check. We check with ifc Viewers IfcViewers…

In dynamo it could look like this


Thank you for your help! I still have much to learn. Do you know of any good video tutorials online that can help get me started on learning Dynamo?

There’s a bunch of videos over on my channel that might be helpful:

Make sure to read through the dynamo primer also.

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Thank you! I’ll be sure to look through it

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