Creating family instance with data-shapes UI

based on this topic: Create multiple family instances with different types

I was trying to create a wall that offsets a curve where the families will be placed on this case an IT cabinet (that’s a riser wall btw). I’ve created the script without UI and it’s working well with some input manipulation. I tried to make a UI just to streamline the workflow as I’m working on multiple files. But as you can see on the following images, the FamilyInstance.ByPoint node only makes a single element even though I can see the points that was created.

also the dynamo graph:
xxxWallCreationFamilyInstance.dyn (156.5 KB)

(Don’t pay attention to the wall I’ve used - i know it is clashing on the cabinet :sweat_smile:)



Hi @jmark does it work if you set familyinstance lacing to longest

I always thought Walls were curve based :slight_smile:

ahhhh… :rofl:silly me of course it’s the lacing. guess that’s it for me today. will come back in the office tomorrow to clean it up. thanks!

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