Creating Element at Intersection

I am trying to add a Revit element or even a point at the location in which a pipe intersects with the floor on the top side of the surface of the floor. Right now I am only able to find whether or not a pipe is intersecting the floor, but am not able to find the location at which it intersects and add an element to that point of intersection. Is this possible?

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Yes it is possible. You could get the geometry of the floor slab. Than to use the upper or bottom face and intersect with the pipe center line. The result will be point that you can use.

Is there a way to automatically select the top face, or do I have to manually click the top face of the floor slab in the revit file?

Please, use the search tool, there a lot of workflows and examples how to select geometry face. =) The answer is that you could do that and in fact it is not that hard. Please, do some research and I’m sure you will came up with the solution. Cheers! = )

Thanks for your help Petar, I have done everything above and got intersection point based on pipe center line and polytopsurface. Only node I can’t seem to find is how to add a revit element within dynamo to a specific point

This page could maybe help:
Please send some screenshots if you need further advice…

You could try using this node

You need to connect the family type that you want to place and the point where you want to place it.