Revit Dynamo created elements are not usable

I am able to create area boundary lines from detail line geometries, or so it seems. A set of purple lines appear in my view, but they are not actually items that I can select. Once the dynamo script has run, is there something to do to keep geometry that is created? Or perhaps the elements created are dependent on the detail lines they came from (I delete them to try not to have layers of lines in the view).

Once Dynamo creates some time of Revit geometry, that has been transacted back to the Revit model. Dynamo can manipulate that geometry again, but once you see it in Revit, it exists.

If you disconnect a node, the geometry is not automatically deleted for you.

It would be helpful for you to post a graph, but it sounds like you aren’t actually creating anything in Revit. The purple lines are Protogeometry created in Dynamo but aren’t elemtns available in the model.

As @SeanP said, geometry created in Dynamo are not actually built in Revit until you specifically do so using nodes. Yes, there is a preview of the geometry in Revit as a blue/purplish line but that is just a preview. It can be disabled under View -> Background 3D Preview -> Available Previews -> Revit Background Preview.

To make it into a model or detail line within Revit, use the node ModelCurve.ByCurve or DetailCurve.ByCurve respectively.

Interesting. I think that what was going on was the view and sketch plane that I was sending to the clockwork node to create the boundary lines were not correct, and so the purple lines were just the detail lines that were sent along through the transaction start node.

@kennyb6, understood . . . I am using a clockwork node that creates the boundary separation lines (having previously tried the ModelCurve node and ending up with model lines that were not boundary lines).