Dynamo-How to Replace the Location Curve of a Curve-Based Column/Beam

Hi everyone,

I met a problem with updating curve-based column/beam geometry (ie, updating start/end points of the location curve) in Dynamo.

What I have now (Input) is:

  1. A list of curve-based structural columns (1500 columns). Since they are curve-based columns, I can use dynamo to show their current location curves (straight line segments with start/end points).
  2. New location curves (centerlines) for these columns, with new start/nd points coordinates known (Thus 1500 curves too).

What I need Dynamo to do is:
For each of the column in the list, abandon the current location curve, and replace to the new location curve.

A previous topic is similar with this question, but it is about point-based columns and it was solved by a python script node.
I tried to adapt the python code to this curve-based column problem, but have not worked out a correct code. Anyone who is familiar with Revit API/Python could give me a help? Or could this problem solved by existing Dynamo nodes?

Kind regards,


Please post a Revit file with a couple of columns in it so we can test based on your dataset.

@Tiger please post a link to your files (dropbox, etc.)

Does this not work for your situation?