Changing Ceiling type

i wanted to create ceiling from room information and i know its not possible as we make floors but i saw a method that can create geometry and categorize it as ceiling . (As shown in screenshot). Now i wanna change this ceiling to a specific ceiling type which i have in my revit file. I wanted to try element.SetParameterByName but problem is Normal ceiling in Revit has parameter “Typ” which has the ceiling type name and the ceiling which i made using geometry in dynamo dont have this parameter. You can see in screenshot the parameters of a normal ceiling in revit (in Screenshot named as real ceiling).
I am looking for a method to change the type of this ceiling created by this method.

Your screenshot not visible to view. :upside_down_face:

i get this screenshot in dynamo. I mean that camera option in uopper right corner.

It is the same method, i took it from here

Try FamilyType.CompundStructureLayers from pkg Clockwork