Creating bottom of pipe tag for slopped pipework


Is there a way to create a bottom of pipe tag in revit using dynamo so you can place a tag (bottom of pipe invert) anywhere along the sloped pipe run?

I have seen something that allows you to do this at the start or at the end of the pipe, but this is quite limiting.

Any Ideas?

Many Thanks


I assume this can not be achieved?

Hi. Dave,

I Believe its Possible and I know one Genius guy had done this :slight_smile:

The video shows adding a tag for pipes that aren’t sloped, so that’s not exactly what the OP means.
I don’t think you need to use Dynamo for this, just use spot elevations.

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I have been using the spot elevation set to bottom with good success. No one from the field has called and complained during the installation of piping for large highrise towers spanning hundreds of feet.

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