How to get "To Room" and "From Room"

Hello Guys,

I’m trying to get “To Room: Name” and “From Room: Name” Values from the doors in the model, GetParameterValueByName is not working, maybe because it’s actually not a door parameter !?


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If I’m right it’s a property not a parameter, that’s why.

There are some nodes like ‘Get To-From Room’ from BIM4Struc package that do what you want.

However I’ve noticed the Get-To-From Room (BIM4Struc) node is twice but produces different results: one of them produces a partial list of only available rooms (that is smaller than the doors list). The other one produces a full list that matches the number of doors but all the rooms are listed as ‘none’ and when there is no room associated to the door is listed as ‘null’.


If I understood what you want… you can use the node DOOR.ROOMS (Clorckwork Pckg)

Hello Daniel,
i have quite the same Problem. But in my case it doesnt work taking all the element phases. When i do it with only one selected model element it works! Could you help me?



Sorry the delay…

I think you can’t use this node ELEMENT.PHASES in this case.

You have to choose only one phase…

In my case, i used SELECT.PHASE.

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Hi I am trying to accomplish a similar task except my all the Doors come from a linked model. When feeding the Clockwork note Door.Rooms I get the error: “Warning: Asked to convert not convertible types”

Any idea how I can get around this?

@Ben.AR please start a new topic and provide your dyn and rvt files

Hello, I know this is an older thread but I’m having a heck of a time associating my door numbers with the room numbers. Our office standard is to add the prefix of a letter starting with ‘A’ after the door number. So if the Room is number 101, the First door is 101A, the next is 101B etc… I have tried every youtube video, Dynamo form thread and listing and all of them keep giving me errors… I know Dynamo seems to be very tricky based on what version you are using so I’m wondering if this is because I am using Revit 2020 and all of these posts are several years old. I have tried replicating the sequence you have depicted above but I am still getting an error. The Room.Name node from Clockwork Package is saying that "Warning: Couldn’t decide which function to execute. Please provide more specific type information. Possible functions were: