Family on Grid Intersection

I’m trying to place a family on grid intersections and almost have it working. The problem is I have some grid intersection named like G1 - GA and the family doesn’t get placed on these intersections. If the grid intersection is named 1 - A the family is placed. If I change one of the “G” column lines to a number it works. I think the section of the graph below is where the problem is.

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try to delete the < > brakets from the last code clock node.
For concatenating string easily, you can simply take the grids name, and
nameA + "-" + nameB ;
in a single node

That’s a cleaner way to add the parameter to the family. I think the issue is in the FilterBYBoolMask node. I’m new to dynamo and followed a youtube to get this far. When I select the grid.curve nodes it isn’t selecting correctly the columns starting with G