Create walls with Curves and Height

Hello all,

I have foundations which I want to wrap them with walls.
I’m trying to do that…

1.- Select a face bottom of the foundation to get all the edges of this face. These edges will be the news walls.
2.- Select a vertical edge of the foundation to know the height to put it later in the property wall.

The first time I use it, it is working.
But the second time I use it, it is working but the first walls I created they are deleted and create the new walls.
I don’t know how to keep all the walls I am creating.

It’s not currently working and I’m stumped as to why. Any thoughts?

Thanks a lot for you fast replay.

I checked the link you sent me and thanks for all this interesting information.
I followed the step you explain but with my code is not working. They always disappear.
I used [control Z] in Revit. and unplug the node wall, but the second time I run Dynamo the previous walls disappear.

Like you wrote I will try the second option.
"A much better alternative would be to select all the curves at once and create all the walls at the same time."
Letter turn off Dynamo and turn on again, to carry on with all the foundation different levels.

Thanks a lot for your help.