Walls by Curves, Level & Height NOT Appearing within Revit

Any thoughts on why curves from a CAD file for walls are not being displayed within Revit, yet appear to have been processed correctly within Dynamo?

Make sure background preview is checked.779f906a7ee66d374166db416b15918c72a16d64_1_690x212

…also, it might be caused by a units issue; what are the length of your curves you’re using to create the walls? If they are too short, the walls wont be created

I shall look into this.

Curve length appear fine.

Revit Background Preview was not activated, however, wall are still not appearing???

Visibility of walls from script were not possible, due to the ‘Discipline’ within Revit being Structural, rather than Architectural or Coordination.

How can the walls being created be made to be of a Structural discipline?

@Gcf_Design feed structural wall type to wall type input.

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Can you confirm the wall type CW 100-90-100p is a Revit Structural wall type? I’m not at the PC but Architectural walls may still have a Structural (yes/no) parameter that you might have extracted.

The walls generated by default by wall centreline. How can the curve (representing the external wall face), perform the function of the modelled wall?