Create wall types from excel sheet

I created a graph that collect wall thicknesses from excel
i need to create thus types of basic wall family
what is the simple way to do it?

and how to remove duplicate thicknesses from list?

by using List.UniqueItems node.

it doesn’t work

try flattening before pushing the list to the UniqueItems.

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Here is an example of creating wall types :


thanks! i try this but got null
any idea about the reason?

The lists of thickness, material and function have an unequal length so use the longest lacing on the Create Compound FamilyType node like in my example above.

I recently found a small bug in this node and fixed it on the latest version of the Genius Loci package. I therefore recommend updating the package to use this custom node.


thanks ! it creates the types in Revit but still get null on the graph.
in addition how to change the precision of thicknesses? too much zeros

Here is another example:

Use the String.Split node to remove the trailing zeros.

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i downloaded the latest version , the issue is solved :slight_smile:

i use a code block int to remove precision


Deos FamilyType.CompoundStructureLayersnodes node works on Linked model?

Nice find for the int !

Does FamilyType.CompoundStructureLayers node works on Linked model?

Yes, you can retrieve the layers of the linked wall.


which version of Dynamo r u using?
I’m using 2.0 and cant install Archilab package

Hi @rinag
Use Dynamo 2.0.3 version. To download click here

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can u add additional input “Type Comment” to this node Create Compound System FamilyType?
i want to add s special type comment to walls types created via this dynamo graph

I solved this Problem with an additional “Element.SetParameterByName” Node. Although you have to time it after the creation of the new Types. Something like this:

Hi Alban

I have tried to create different wall types with your solution but it only manages to produce the first one from the list:

Do you know how could I solve this?

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Change level of NewName to @L1 or Lacing to longest.