Wall.ByCurveAndHeight Node request

Hi Community

I am not sure request node here is fine but that would be nice to have a request TAG for normal user and developer to know whats function need to be <span style=“color: #222222;”>expand.</span>

by the way i am looking for a node adjust for [Wall.ByCurveAndHeight] and [Wall.ByCurveAndLevels].


The current node problem is not able to choice location line and default set as centerline by the curve,

i was try to offset the boundary at blow post but did not work very well with this node:


Any Idea?


There is no method in the Revit API that has the LocationLine as a variable - so that’s probably why there is no node for this.

In order to make this work nonetheless, you would have to do the following:

  • Calculate the distance between the wall center line and your desired location line for the wall type you want to place

  • Offset your curve into the correct direction by the calculated amount

  • Call the wall creation method and pass the offset curve

  • Set the location line parameter of the newly created wall to the correct value

Except for step 3 none of the items in the list are entirely trivial, so I’m not sure this is really worth your time.