Wall.ByCurveAndHeight failing to create Walls

Hello all,

I’m getting the dreaded yellow with my Wall.ByCurveAndHeight node.

I’m pumping in a whole bunch of Polycurves into the curve input, a test height into the height input, I’m collecting all my levels with Level Element Collector from Lunchbox (But have tried with the <b>Levels </b>command) and have a simple 30mm thick glass wall type that I was populating.

It’s not currently working and I’m stumped as to why. Any thoughts?

Wall Failure

Well, the dreaded yellow warning (nice name btw) tells you why: there seems to be no method implemented for turning b-splines into walls. Your best bet is probably to use Curve.ApproximateWithArcAndLineSegments to rationalize the geometry before passing it on, but be aware that this will most likely give you a lot of small wall segments.

Well it does make sense to read the warnings huh :smiley: Thanks Andreas, makes total sense. Getting it working is step 1, making it logical is step 2!