Create wall between two uneven floor/slub

I have created floor but can’t create wall between the floor.

Level 1 floor: circular with a dia of 40ft
level 2 floor: circular with a dia of 60qf
Level 3 floor: circular with a dia of 40ft

Now I want to create wall between L1 and L2 / L2 and L3.

As I am a new user, can anyone help me with details.

Is this with Revit or Dynamo?

If so with Dynamo you need to get the points of the Floor so you can generate the Walls

Dynamo. I have tried but failed. ! Can you please help me by sharing the workflow or any .dyn file. I am a new user so don’t have much idea about it.

Sorry man your image isn’t loading so I can’t see what you made.

I’m trying to help you if you have an problem. I’m not going to create a entire script for you sorry man. If you are new I advise to search around this forums you can find a lot of helpful solutions!

Totally agree with you! Let me search.

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Can you please check from here? The wall creation node is returning null.rec.floor.dyn (177.5 KB)