Create plan views from scope boxes

Scopebox_View_Create-2.0-Single.dyn (22.7 KB)
Popping my cherry here for Dynamo. Pretty new to Dynamo.

I have used a similar graph before I upgraded to the 2.x version of Dynamo. It worked before.

now when I try to apply the scope boxes to the views that were created from the scope boxes themselves I get an error that I can’t apply a string to the input that is looking for a Var. Can I convert a string to a variable? is there another way to apply the list of scope boxes?


You will see a dropdown box wehen choosing the scopebox in Revit itself with the names of the scopeboxes.
This indicates that the scope boxes have been stored in a table in the database.
You can see that behavior in several parameters in Revit.
If you want to set the scopebox parameter, you’ll need the Id of the scopebox as the value i think

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It looks like one of two things,

  1. Incorrect data type for the “Value” input on the error node, needs to not be a string format.
  2. Needs an element ID for the “Value” input

This is one easy way to get a scope box ID

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MAN… that was easy. All I had to do was take the elements out of the All elements of category and plug it into the Element.SetParameterByName node. The watch in the graph was the light bulb.

I spent all day yesterday dicking around with this.

You were both right!

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