Assign Scope Boxes Through Excel

Hi there,
I am trying to create an “all in one” project startup script that uses excel as its base. I am struggling to input scope boxes assigned to the views that I set in excel.
Here is a link to the dynamo file and excel file since I am unable to upload as new member.

Please let me know your thoughts!


@cmanno ,

so what exactly will you get from your list ? points? lengths?

Hi Andreas,
The goal from the script is:

  1. Get all data from excel
  2. Create Levels
  3. Create Floor Plans
  4. *Assign Scope boxes (this is the issue I am having with the ungrouped nodes in the center of the screen)
  5. Create Sheets
  6. Place views on Sheets

your setup for scopeboxes should work provided you stand in a view where your scopeboxes are visible (not in legend or start view)

using this setup with data_shapes package so i can select which scopeboxes i want to use (you can also ignore it and just use all in project)

Duplicate the view from you create from levels with the number of scoeboxes you use to get a copy for each floor plan that will use scope box. after you created your duplicates sort your views (by name would work for instance we useally use 2 letters of our scopebox as an suffix in our view names) use this to filter your view list so you get the same number of indices on your list of scopeboxes and views and after that use levels (on nodes) or other filter method to get your scopeboxes assigned to the right views