List Views with View Templates

Good morning all.

Complete Dynamo noob, this is my first attempt at using it. So please bear with me.

I am trying to get a list of all my views and their corresponding view templates (if applied). Now I have started with the following;

Whatever combination I try with the View.IsViewTemplate I get an error.

Any help would be appreciated. At the moment I havent finalised the Excel part but will do once I have sorted this error out.


Hi, I am a newbie too but I think I can help you to solve this issue.

try downloading archi-lab from the Dynamo top menu, Packages > search for… then try this nodes, hope this will help you.

Thanks for the reply @Ernesto_Pellegrino much appreciated.

I have installed the package you have suggested but I cannot find any of the nodes in the screen shot. Well, I can find string but not the Document.VIews or Element.GetParameterValueByName.

Hey @GiloGT sorry my fault, the package is clockwork :slight_smile: but keep the other one installed too!

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the other one is Rhytm

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You need to remove the nulls to aovoid the error in the next node.


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Thanks @Ernesto_Pellegrino I have that working.

Also Thanks @Daniel_Hurtubise. That makes better sense.

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awesome :upside_down_face:

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