Apply View templates to the views

I am trying to create a views and apply view templates to the views by using Excel spreadsheet.
i am able to create a view by using source of excel sheet but not able to apply a view templates to the certain view.
is there any another metohd or nodes availabel for the same?

View temp






Thank You

Swapnil Raut




I am just a Dynamo noob, but I think your problem might be that the view template node is being applied before the views are created.

If I am correct, then you need a method of having the view template node wait until the view creation is completed.

Try using the transaction end and transaction start nodes to accomplish this. Just keep in mind, while my method works, I’m not positive that i’m using these nodes in the most efficient or correct manner.


I am running into a similar issue.

The problem I am trying to solve is that I am creating around 100 view templates and I need to test them in three detached sample projects (such as residential, academic and multifamily)

In each project, I need to duplicate a single view 100 times ( a plan view for example) then rename the view so that it matches the view template I would then like to assign to the view) I have figured out scripts to duplicate a single view 100 times, export all of the names of the view templates to excel, rename the duplicated views with the view template names from excel - I just can’t seem to get a process going that involves applying the list of view templates to the list of plan views.

I installed both the clockwork package and also the Archilab_Grimshaw package. I am able to use the read from excel node to generate the view template names in a list that I would like to apply. I am also able to create a similar list by using Document.views> View.isviewtemplate> list.filter> watch.

Any attempt to make connections to ApplyViewTemplate using the Get All Views> Floor Plan is not successful I get a similar error as shown above. I sometimes also get an error when using the element.setparameterbyname node. It seems like both nodes want some sort of special input (similar to how a level is treated in Dynamo?) and I have not been able to figure out how to make the connection. I do not know Python, or the API.

I would greatly appreciate any feedback. Thanks!


I believe this thread should give you the missing piece of what you are trying to do.

View Template

Very cool - I’ll give it a shot. Thanks!


I think the issue is with feeding elements data in view node.

@Patrick_Hague I still have problems in assigning the view template to a number of views?

Appreciate if you can help me with this.


@fady100793 My apologies, but I haven’t used Dynamo in quite some time. I’m afraid I’ve lost touch with how to use it.