Create views by groups

Is there a node or method to create views by groups the same way you can create views by rooms?

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The basic steps would be to get your list of groups, create a view for each one, isolate each group in its respective view, then set the section box if necessary.

Steam Nodes has a node, Element.Create 3D Cropped View, that should do all of this for you. But there are also OotB nodes and a few Rhythm nodes that you can set up to do this as well.

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I managed to get a few steps done, but I encountered a few issued. First of all, I need to get all the unique items of all groups. However the list unique item node returns strings. Apparently I couldn’t find the string to element id node from Archi-Lab. I’m not sure if it still exist in the package. Using the Filter by boolean mask node after the list unique item combines the wrong the groups with the filtered string list. So do you know how to get elements from a list of strings?

Once the new floor plans are created, I ran into the next issue. I can either isolate the elements in the newly created views, but so far alle elements in the view gets hidden. Or I can create bounding boxes for each unique group, but the questions is, how do I crop the floor plans based on the bounding boxes?

That’s the problem. You’re checking your list of unique items but using the boolean mask on your list of all items. Are you trying to get a list of unique elements or unique groups? If you need the elements then there’s no need for UniqueItems. If you need unique groups (containing all group instances) use GroupByKey.

If you want to crop a plan view you’ll need curves representing the crop boundary. It might be easier to create a 3D view. Steam’s Element.Create 3D Cropped View is nice and easy for creating cropped 3D views.

The GroupByKey worked perfect. The groups are actually apartments. Every unique apartments get its own plan view and needs to be placed on a sheet. That is why I needed a cropped plan view (not 3d view) for the plan view. So instead of using the Steam’s Element.Create 3D Cropped View, I used the View.SetCropBoxCurve from the MEPover package to set the crop regions in plan view.


I am working on something similar, but i am stuck. I don’t know how to isolate the group corresponding to the view.

I know how to create a View and a Sheet from a Group and I know how to create a Boundig Box from Group.

Another thing to know is that i can have a Group (View) multiple times but is Unique to a buyer.
In example;
Group A - Level 1 - Appartment No. 100
Group A - Level 2 - Appartment No. 101
Group A - Level 3 - Appartment No. 102
Group B - Level 1 - Appartment No. 103
Group B - Level 2 - Appartment No. 104
Group C - Level 1 - Appartment No. 105
Group C - Level 3 - Appartment No. 106

I will post my Graph(s) later [at the moment revit / Dynamo crashes when trying to open the Graph(s), so need to resolve that first].


Could you explain how i can achieve this? I am kinda stuck on this part.

Create a new view for each group and use Isolate in View for each group/view.

I know how create the Views (from a Group), but not how to isolate that specific Group
in it’s specific View. Or all my Groups are hidden in all my Views OR i manage to isolate one Group in one View (in all other Views the Groups are still Visible).

Can you show us what you have? The last scenario sounds pretty close.

I also started my own topic because i didn’t want to ’hijack’ this one. You can find what i have done so far there.

PS Screwed up with accounts. This is also me
(Can’t post on the other one because it is a new account)



Woudl you mind sharing your Graph?

I am (still) working on something similar. I manage(d) to create all the Views but i am stuck at the Crop part. NB i also rotate(d) my Floor Plans because so apartments are on Xangle, but i want them on a 90degree angel on my sheet.

This is what i have so far.

My older topic

Current Graph

ViewByGroup.dyn (49.3 KB)