Create view template from excel?


Im not really active in this forum but i don’t find anywhere a solution.

I have a doubt, i would like to know if it is possible to crerate a view template from a excel file, that way i can send that script dynamo + excel to my subcontractor.

i have to create several views and then apply a template, i know how to create the views and apply a template but i would like to create a template that he doesn’t have.

Or maybe create a rvt projet with all templates that he can link in his projet and copy the templates to apply to his views??

This template i will choose only to show or hide some elements in every view. i would like to automtize all of it so my subcontractor can just do “RUN” and all is done.

anyone thinks it is possible?

So when I check the API, it is not possible to create a “New ViewTemplate” directly. But if I were you, I could go this way.

With this way, I can only produce new versions and options with an existing “center template”.


Maybe i can duplicate a template then create some filters and add those filters to the template?

This is not correct.
You can create a View Template with the API and the View CreateViewTemplate node of the Genius Loci package.
You can then set its properties.

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the problem is the projet in Revit 2019 :cold_sweat:

in this version it is possible?

Indeed, for Revit 2019 you must duplicate an existing view template.

Thanks a lot for your help!