How to Apply different View templates in some views

After create the script to create the views from an excel file, next step is adding views templates.
Which is the best node?
ApplyViewTempale node seems that allows us to add only one view template.
Other option is throughout list combine but doesn’t read the views created by the script.
Any idea???


Make sure your list of views is matching with your list of view template names. If your looking to apply view templates views from excel file try changing this:

Or if your looking to apply view templates to existing views try this:

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this is the excel file, I change the node connection but doesn’t work.
Revit doesn’t apply the correct template

Can you show all the nodes values?

Test Views templates.dyn (46.5 KB)

Here you have the script.
it works but not 100%
I add a screenshot of the excel file. i want add 10 views of one template and 10 of the other, like the picture, but dynamos creates the views with the templates alternative.
on the other hand i want to add a parameter in the views to sort them, but doesn’t work, i know there is something wrong

Can you drop excel file and rvt file also.

Test views Templates.xlsx (9.2 KB)

cant add the revit file.
the two issues i have are:

  • views are not created with consecutive templates like the picturer
  • Second i cant add a parameter to the views to sort them like the picture

    A & B (that is the node called MW_View Group that doesnt work in the script)

First Issue: DONE
The lancing of the Node List.ofrecrepeateditem has to be longuest

Second Issue: SOLVE

Hi everyone,

After duplicate a group of sheets + views, and rename them by Excel list, my aim is to apply a view template for all of them.
I’ve created one group to remove the existing templates applies on the sheet’s views (that’s works) and a second group to assign a new view Template for all the views in this package, but doesn’t work. I tried do it manually (right click over the sheets and apply view template) but doesn’t work either, that the reason I’m trying with Dynamo.

If some knows how to make it work manually or by script, I would be really thankful.