How could i create view template from excel lists?

I have an excel table with a list of view templates names. i want to create a lists of view template by input these templates names.
i have already tried to use view.duplicate node, but it dosen’t work.

how should i do?

Hi, you will find lots of related threads by using the search field, and this will help you to start something consistent, see here for instance:

but what i mean is create view templates not Apply view templates.
i think it is more like "copy an exist view template, then duplicate it, apply different parameters, and finally rename view template. "

You could take a look at this and also send your first attempts or own references:

Hi @Yna_Db
I think you misunderstood. He is looking to create new view template not duplicate them :slight_smile:

Hi @Xin_Cheng
Currently it is not possible create view template. There is no API method till now. But it is in a wish list though :slight_smile:. However you can use the PostCommand function to call the built-in Revit command “CreateTemplateFromCurrentView”.

 View active_view = ui_document.ActiveView;
 ui_document.ActiveView = copied_views.First();
 using (Transaction t = new Transaction(document, "Create template from view"))

 RevitCommandId id = RevitCommandId.LookupPostableCommandId(PostableCommand.CreateTemplateFromCurrentView);

 ui_document.ActiveView = active_view;

Good Luck!


Just like @Kulkul was saying, its not possible to just create a new instance of a View Template. It’s also not possible to Duplicate a View Template like one would with a regular view. However, it is possible to Copy/Paste a View Template into the model and effectively create a new copy of it. I added a few nodes to package that can handle this:

Here’s the code for reference:

This was uploaded to Archi-lab:


@Kulkul @Yna_Db Thanks for your opinion.
@Konrad_K_Sobon thank you for your new node. it worked.:relaxed: