Create view sets with Data Shapes

Hello everybody! So I have managed to create a script that exports selected sheets where I use the Data Shapes nodes to create a nice UI for the selection. It works perfectly.

I would like to improve the script by making it possible to be able to choose a view set from the UI as well. I know how to create a view set separately but I don’t know how to combine in it with the script for the UI.

With other words, this is how I would like the UI to look like (if possible).

If I don’t choose a view set, it should pick the ones I have selected above as the output.
If I pick a view set, it should select the views in that set as the output instead of the output from the list above (which is empty). You with me? :slight_smile: It’s the same concepts as when you are printing inside Revit; choose view set or select the views manually :slight_smile:

All advice is appreciated! :smiley:


So I managed to solve the part that lets me select a view set in the UI:

I’m stuck with the part that chooses the output.
If I select views from the list, it should take that as the output.
If I instead choose to select a view set and leave the list above empty, it should take the views from that view set as the output.

So I’m guessing that I need to create an if condition that checks if the list of selected views is empty.
If it’s empty → Select the views from the view set as the output
If it’s not empty → Select that list of views as the ouput.

I tried two different nodes that returns the views from the view set and I can’t figure out how to make it work. One of them can’t read a string and the other one just returns “null” :frowning:

I would be really grateful I someone could help me out with this

Hi @didekalsan !

Try using the node ViewSheetSet By Name before “Get Views from View Set”. I also recommend using the ScopeIf node from Clockwork instead of the if node that you are using.

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It works! Thank you for the help