Add sheet into View/Sheet set by sheet number

Are there any way to add list of sheets into view/sheet set using dynamo?
As in an image I need to add below list into the selected set.

If you’re not finding a node then you’ll probably have to write your own python code.

Luckily, getting and setting the VewSheetSet Views is essentially the same process, so you can use the existing code from the custom node to help you out.

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Thank you so much for your replying.
Because I don’t have any knowledge of python, I would like to ask you a question.
Is ‘Visual Basic’ in the link you provided referring to the python syntax?

Hi @Jayden ,

From which package is that Custom Node? Maybe the same package also has a node to set sheets/views to a sheet/viewset.

Maybe you could also search your querry on the forum, I doubt you are the first who would want this functionality :slight_smile:

If both don’t result in any further information/ solutions I think you would have to look into it yourself, like Jacob said.

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No. RevitAPIDocs unfortunately only shows C#, VB, and C++. You’ll have to “infer” the Python syntax from those options, but Python is pretty straight forward so it’s not too hard to do once you have a little familiarity with it.

I’d recommend spending a little time learning Python and giving it a shot. It’s well worth it and, as I mentioned, the Get/Set properties are the same so you can look at the original code for getting the views and use that to set the views.

@Jayden try this, if you are updating the same Set over and over, you need to run the script twice to refresh the updated Set: