Create Tags for Elevation of Equipment

Hi all,

I am very new to Dynamo, and I am learning slowly, a lot of it makes sense and on the other hand a lot of it doesn’t.

I have made very simple scripts, but I am currently having trouble in making a script that will create a tag for all Mechanical Equipment labeling the Bottom of Elevation for all equipment.

I would appreciate if some one could assist me in the matter.


Hi Pqyl,

It is achievable by a little bit Python.

I don’t remember if there’s a class specifically for tags related to MEP. If not, IndependentTag class which contains a Create method to the rescue. :grinning:

Here is some info:

Hi @Pqyl,

There are existing nodes to tag elements or linked elements.
Archilab package has a great node : Create Annotation Tag.


Thanks very much