Create Surface In Revit

I have used Surface.ByPerimeterPoints To create some flat planes. How can I push these from Dynamo into Revit? Using Conceptual mass.

Sorry for the noob question but I cannot figure it out.


Hi @Steven_Hansen ,
just to make sure, you are running dynamo from a conceptual mass document?
If that’s the case, I highly recommand spring nodes package for your task. Springs.Form.ByGeometry node from that package should allow you to import clean geometry that you can work with (divide, panelize, assign material etc.).

Perfect @Mostafa_El_Ayoubi that is just what I needed

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Do you know if there is a way to mirror the created surface in dynamo?

Have you tried Geometry.Mirror?

Yes but It does not seam to work.

err note: “Warning: No function called Mirror on a Revit.Elements.Element that takes Plane could be found”

The problem here is that Geometry.Mirror expects dynamo geometry as “geometry” input. Here you’re feeding it a Revit element. I suggest you mirror the geometry before you feed it to Springs.Form.ByGeometry.

wow thats simple. Thank you so much again. Huge help.

You’re welcome! :smiley: