Create Sheets from Excel

Hey folks,

I’ve been struggling with replicating what many users seem to be achieving.

I’m attempting to create sheets from an excel file but as you can see, the excel file isn’t even being read correctly.

Any advice is appreciated.


ThanksDynamo Excel

File.FromPath between file path and excel read node?

You are correct! Thanks so much. I’ve been staring at it for so long and didn’t notice it.



I would love to see an example of a script that is currently working for someone. I’m very much a beginner and have spent days trying to get a very simple version of this to work. No matter what I try, I get an error when I get to the sheet creation command. I thought I was following the examples exactly, but I just can’t get it to work no matter what I try.



What you have will work with a few edits.

The lacing is set to shortest on the Sheet.By node. You are feeding in lists of sheet numbers and names, but only a single title block and legend view. So after the first sheet number and name are executed - Dynamo has no info left to use for titleblock and view since there is only one value in each of those.

You need to either a). adjust the lacing so that that TB and View apply to all the sheet numbers and names, or b). make lists of matching lengths for the titleblocks and sheets, or c). feed the two list into a List.Combine node with the Sheet.ByNameandNumber node as the combinator (with the TB and View inpust left as you have them.)

Here is a stripped down and simple version of a sheet import definition I made. The “Drafting 1” view is simply an empty drafting view that comes in by default with our project template. Since the view is empty it doesn’t get placed on a sheet and you are left with all your sheets. From here you can expand on it to include parameters for sheet organization. The Archi-Lab package has a nice python node that can be added that will check against existing sheets and only add new ones if you run the definition again after the initial sheet import.


Excel Sheet Import

Here is a overall image of one i have created and actually last night released on my twitter feed which is linked here. So go check it out and maybe use it :wink:




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Thanks for all the replies and samples! It turns out the problem was using the legend as the view input. I created a blank drafting view and used it instead and it worked fine.