Create sheet/view set from dropdown

Hey all, I’ve recently discovered the super useful Archi-lab blog on creating view sets. At my practice we use a project parameter called Drawing Type in our sheets parameters, this is used to group the sheets by package in the revit directory. I have figured out using the Archi-lab method, how to create sheet sets for printing using the Drawing Type parameter as shown in:

In this example I am trying to do the same thing using a dropdown from DataShapes to enable the end user to operate the script from dynamo player. Here is my attempt:

For some reason the user input isnt being recognised in the same way as the string from the code block in the first example. Is there something further I need to do to the user input?

Any help would be much appreciated.

Hello…could you zoom in your image, difficult to see whats goin on…:wink: but my guees is something…if i understand :wink:

You can click on the image and zoom no?

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nope…if you use snipping tool then make sure is it zoomet so you can see it, or use the camera in right corner and zoom in so you can see the nodes :wink:

There we go, Ive swapped Keys and Values but still no cigar…