Create Shedules of components in Revit with Dynamo

Hello Dynamo Experts,
In order to transfer the sheduals created in a Template file, I wonder If I may extract the parameters and formulas integrated to these parameters with Dynamo.
My goal is to incorporate the same sheduals and incirporated formulas in to the Revit files I receive.

Maybe you may say “we do not need sheduals in revit to to do calculations cause Dynamo does it all fine.” but I believe that filling object parameters is easyer in revit when you can see the object and its geometry.

Thank you in advance for your kind advices.


Place the schedule on a Sheet
Copy to Clipboard
Paste in a Sheet of Project2 (opened in the same Revit session)
Does not work for you?


Brilliant ! It works !
Many thanks Marcel :-):grinning:

Yes it works this way by copy and paste from another file.
Do you think it may be as easy with Dynamo ?
My goal is to deliver a dynamo script that may generate sheduals trought Dynamo Player.
Thanks in advance for any tips.

The problem would be the formulas
And if i was your boss, i’d tell you to count the number of mouseclicks you spend creating the script, and you would know what i would say i guess

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Is there a reason you can’t use Insert View from File?

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I will check the possibility back at the office.
Thanks for the tip !

Insert view from file is where it’s at. Keeps the formulas and moves parameters too.

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