Excel sheet to automatically populate a Revit Schedule


I am just starting to use Dynamo as I believe it could make a significant difference on my day-to-day. However, before I go too far, I would like to make sure that what I am trying to do is achievable.

My main objective is to be able to generate a schedule in Revit from an Excel file. So far, it seems doable.

What I am not sure that could be done is, that the schedule generated in Revit from the Excel sheet, could automatically be populated in Revit.

For example, I would like to create a wall schedule from a list of parameters defined on the Excel sheet. I am hoping that by running the Dynamo script, the schedule will be created on Revit with the specified list of parameters populated (height, length, familyname, …).

Anyone could give me a hand with this one?

Many thanks in advance.

Hello Javier
You can certainly do that. Dynamo is great to give values of instance´s parameters or change them and you can also create walls or other kind of elements.
You don´t hace that exact example but you can see some of Dynamo’s main uses in this video: http://dominadynamo.com/?p=378 (it´s in spanish).

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El hecho de que esté en spanish no es un problema. Jejeje

Thanks so much Joan!