Create Shared parameter but not shown with Element.Parameters

Hello Dynamo Community, I need help to tackle this problem, please

I sussed to create Shared parameter as shown, but it does not show when I use Element. Parameters. Also when I add value to those parameters, a dynamo does not return any value.
the next step is to amend those parameters.


Parameters.dyn|attachment](upload://rZm6Fm9xsS7Br6opG0TIeg3N7GQ.dyn) (89.0 KB)

02.Write-Parameters4.dyn (116.1 KB) Shared Parameters File5.txt (6.4 KB)

Use the element.type node to access the type parameter, an element will only yield instance parameters. Alternatively, use the parameterbytypeorinstance nodes from the rhythm package.


it works fine, I appreciate your time and effort.
You are a life saver.

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