Create several tags with different text

I’m looking for a way to add several different tags to a single element and have these tags at specific positions.
Now, I already know that with ‘Tag.ByElementAndOffset’ you can create tags but if I’m honest I’m not even entirely sure what all the inputs do there. “horizontal alignment” and “vertical alignment” don’t seem to simply allow to give a relative position and if they can’t this node isn’t actually useful to me. Edit: I figured out how this works.

The second problem is that it needs to be several different tags attached to one element. The specific text that I want to be in the tag is already in the element. However, I wouldn’t know to switch around the type of tag that would be attached to the element.

Any idea on how to start this would be greatly appreciated.

Since you state you have figured out how part of your workflow works, can you please post what you have done so far? Have you tried any searches on the forum?

I gotta admit I don’t have much to show to be honest…
I’m not asking for a complete solution but if you could give me a way to change the loaded tag for example I’ll be helped a lot already.

Another way to work around that would be to place one tag with as many information as you like inside, not sure if this would solve your problem?
Example below with wall tag and multiple fields in it, placed with Dynamo:


It’s something but, sorry, no.
The different tag need to be at specific locations, as there are specific
Now, if it would be possible to give text a specific position within this tag than it would really help.

Hi @PauLtus,
Can you show a screenshot or a sketch of what you are trying to achieve? To be honest, I can’t really visualise for now…

So these are two of the same instance, simply generated with a whole lot of different variables.
There can be several elements within the same instance, all have their own position and potentially different texts in them.
Currently, the text is generated through annotations, the problem with that is you can’t really make this text view dependent and turning it on and off can take a lot of time.
Building these as tags would solve that problem but, I’m not sure if creating a tag, or several and placing them like that is even possible.

Not sure either, sorry,…
@Tom_Kunsman might have some ideas?