Dynamo schedule for revit

hello everyone, can somebody tell me how can I create a schedule taking some element.
for example if I have 10 columns but I want just to take 3 and know how many bars of reinforcement are inside them?
thanl you very much.

Just to clarify: you have 10 columns in a project and you want to create a schedule for only 3 of them? The process is the same as if you were to do it in Revit.

  1. Create a schedule for columns.
  2. Add the fields you want to schedule.
  3. Use a filter to filter only the 3 columns you want.

This is all possible in Dynamo. There are out of the box nodes (originally Archi-lab I believe) that are fairly straight forward if you’re familiar with Dynamo or the forum has plenty of posts about these nodes if you’re not. Try following some of the other posts and see if you can get something working.