Create schedule for levels showing elevations at Survey Point and Project Base Point

Hi all,
I’ve hit a wall with trying to schedule my levels to show both the elevation from Survey Point as well as from Project Base Point. About 90% of the time, we are showing our elevations with our main level starting at 100,000mm (or 100’ for Imperial), but if we change our elevation type to show Geodetic, it will show the actual geodetic number (for example, 640,000). I’m not here to get into a discussion about “why don’t you just use Geodetic and have your levels set to read from the Survey Point”. It is what it is :slight_smile: Now, I just want to be able to schedule both. I am not trying to convert them, I just need to schedule both on my levels.

Obviously our levels cannot have the best of both worlds: displaying both Project Base Point and Survey Point. I’ve played around with setting up a project parameter for a “Z” coordinate and trying to schedule that, but to no avail.

Any ideas?

Hi. So are you wanting to create a schedule that has the elevation of an element/point relative to the survey point and the project base point? if so can you not extract the parameters (Elev) from the SP and PBP themselves, extract the level elevations and use a calculated value to populate a project parameter for each based on the result?

u can export the hights from the points and levels to excel like this

Not totally sure it would do exactly what you need but you could take a look at what does the List of Coordinates tool in the free add-in for Revit Sofistik BIMtools

Hi Fiesta, so far this is pretty good, but a few hiccups that I’m having. One is that when I add a level, it doesn’t get picked up in the list with the Survey Point, however it does get picked up under the elements of category node. Secondly, I don’t really need it to go to excel, I just need to add it to a Revit schedule (I’m assuming this will involve adding a project parameter to “levels”). This is getting somewhere, though! I haven’t been able to even get the survey point until I tried your script. Much appreciated!

he…im not good with schedules…try this “start”