Create Room from Mass/Generic model

Hi guys,

I am looking to run another script I just finished. Existing script check if XYZ point lies within a given room.

Problem is that rooms are not typical building rooms (average room size is around 20 000m²) with 6m or more high ceilings. The ceilings also step various times. I want to create the room by modeling a generic model or a mass and then fitting a room to the solid created.

The floorplans are currenly DGN so will be imported and linepicking the polygon outline and extruding to ceiling level. Needs to be a very basic model.

Are there any packages or nodes available to create this?
Below is what a room may look like


Hi @dirkiekunzuys

Since you have the generic model in Revit you can read the same in dynamo after that filter the faces to get the lower horizontal surface and get the perimeter curves from it then you create the room separation lines. check below. the next step you can create the rooms fast and easily from Revit (Place rooms automatically) for the room height you can read the height of your generic model and fill the room parameter for the limit offset. (set parameter by name node)


Note. Play with the lacing for the nodes to get the results. also as i remember the get.horizontalsurface accept only list you may need createlist node in between select model element and get.horizontalsurface.


Thanks for the info.

I ran into some trouble with the above method due to the varying complexity of the “rooms”.

As I don’t require the rooms to be actual rooms, just 3D shapes, I went another route to just create very small sphere over each xyz points and checking .doesintersect with my shape

Thanks anyways

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