Convert Masses to rooms


Is it possible to create room boundaries - walls or boundary lines from masses to place rooms either through dynamo or manually.






I think you’ll need some python code. I don’t really have a solution for you, but maybe this will start you on the right path. You’ll need to get the latest Dynamo Lunchbox set of custom nodes for this and Andreas’ “Room Stuff” set of nodes.

I select the bottom (or top) face of the mass and explode it. Then I use the newly created edges to model walls/ room lines.

For the room placement, you could check this discussion:

or straight away get Julien,s custom python node “Create unplaced room at Phase”


Sorry, I referred you to the wrong node. Julien’s Node is called “Create Room Level_UV”

For some reason I’m getting some error with my sketch plane so I had to recreate his python node from scratch.

Try this it should create the rooms straight away, courtesy of Julien :slight_smile:


Make sure you select the bottom face of the mass. The only thing I’m not sure how to do is select it automatically.


I have uploaded a new version. previous one expected a lis of UVs to work. thanks for watching!!


This worked great. Thank you. How difficult would it be to get to grab a bunch of masses. I was able to grab all the families and was able to create a few boundaries but can’t work out the list management to get boundaries around them all.


You’ll need to create a family collector for “mass” instances to select all of them first, but I can’t seem to figure out how to to make it work.


Thanks Julien,

Just used a similar method and your Place Rooms by Point package to make a room bounding model with ~4000 correctly named and numbered rooms in under an hour from a purely Mass based model. Awesome.

(To get masses you can just use Categories-> All elements of category)



Wow, 4000 masses to rooms!? Any chance you can share some images or the model? Are you using this for space planning? We’d love to learn more about your workflow and goals as well as thoughts on this mass to room workflow. Are you also going back from rooms to masses?


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Well, its not my model but I guess I can show a couple of pictures. The architect works with Mass families to plan the room positions and size, all of the data that would normaly be in a Room is in these masses. In principal an excellent system as Masses are so much more reliable in the design/planning phase than rooms with room bounding that breaks and leaks all the time, but this approach causes difficulties for us MEP people who normally couple our spaces to rooms. So I have had to bastardise a copy of thier model for my own nefarious ends…

Rooms Example

First room bounding elements where added to all the Mass families (Mis-use of nested columns) and then dynamo reads the coordinates of all the masses, extracts the room names and numbers and then makes a room at the same location. I just made this so we can keep everything up to date with the Space Naming Utility in various MEP sub models.

In principal an architect could use this method to create a model that has the Masses as extremely reliable room elements and regularly fill them with Rooms for other consultants and to be able to schedule stuff in rooms, such as furniture and fixtures.

Not sure about rooms to mass… I guess the mass families are loadable, so they could be placed and sized based on the room coordinates and dimensions. Anything other than rectangular rooms might be tricky.