Create mass from walls and floors

Is it possible to let Dynamo create a mass, based on selected walls and roof.
So i want to select some walls and a roof and get a mass family from that.

In-Place Mass is not possible due to API limitations, if I remember correctly. Conceptual masses are possible, however, along with creating generic models. You just need a solid in Dynamo, which can be made from using the Element.Geometry node.

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but how do i create this solid…where do i start

How far have you gotten so far?

I would start with selecting what you want (walls, roof, etc) and then using a Element.Geometry node to get the geometry, a.k.a. a solid.

here is a start

Check this

Its in place mass with length width height parameters. And parameters are feed from interior wall edge length.

thanks for the replies…this will make a start…but it is a shame that this isn’t a standard functionality from Revit. Because we need the mass like Cubic meters for a lot of calculations

You can create a room outside the building with use of Room boundaries and subtract

I believe generic models will list volume automatically. If you are looking for the volume of an entire building, then the hard part is connecting all of the walls, roof, etc into a solid block, without a hollow interior. It should be possible but might take quite a bit of coding.

try Solid.Union

If he is using this to calculate the volume of a building, solid.union won’t work because the building will still be hollow. Solid.Union will just give the volume of all of the walls, etc. which can be found in easier ways that are less resource intensive.

You are right, there are more ways to skin a cat

@Vikram_Subbaiah is the man…

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That is amazing…running in small problem…i have a node geometry.boundingbox and in his view a boundingbox.geometry… now sometimes the order of words change but my result is a cube it is missing the roof.