Convert a generic model family ( a box ) to room

Task :
Convert simple box to a room, and add walls and floors to a room.

I saw some videos for Revit Vasari, where one could play around with space program. I have been trying to replicate it. So far I have a family of generic model that can be resized, and generates a schedule of itself.


  1. Is it possible to to get walls and floor around generic model ( box ) instead of drawing them again and again through dynamo ?

  2. Is it possible to convert generic model into a Room by dynamo ?

  3. Is it possible to create rooms from schedule ? For example, instead of drag and drop a family into a canvas, can I just add rows in Schedule with desired area / dimensions and it creates a room at zero zero of project ? ( I know its too much to ask for at an initial stage, but I have a hunch Revit is robust enough to tackle something like that )

Any help on either of the query would be helpful.


A schedule is reading elements, when you retrieve the elements from the schedule in dynamo you can create a boundingbox and create a room I guess?

  1. Yes, but will not be easy if you have common walls.

  2. Not really. You can place a room at its centroid but it needs bounding elements.

  3. If you place a room using dynamo, then delete it right after, it will be in the schedule still.

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I would say as Gavin…but you could try with some seperation lines for room bounding…


Thanks to both of you for the help. I have managed to achieve all the above mentioned 3 points.

@sovitek : I like your solution, its much faster.

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So now I am able to create walls and floors by clicking a box( generic model ).
However, when I change a shape of generic model, I have to re-run the whole definition, which creates over lapping elements.

Is it possible that when I move the face of the box ( generic model ), the respective wall moves along with it ? something like face of generic model locking /aligning the wall ?

I would really appreciate anyone could direct me if its doable.

ps. I assume this query is connected to the same project. Should I create a new post for this query ?

Think you need to delete the seperation lines and the room before run, it should be possible to do…anyway how goes when you run from player ?
How about a solution where you build your floors/walls first and then make a room ?

I think i made the walls and room as you said. I am still curious if I its possible to move the walls by moving the box face

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Hi Hassan… yes if you edit your box and run again it should upgrade…run it from player for avoid element binding…good luck
dynamo.dyn (47.9 KB)

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