Create Project Parameters Returns Null (but Parameters are Created)

Really just curiosity on my part - I have a graph to create project parameters for use in Key Schedules and it creates the parameters correctly but the output of the Parameter.CreateProjectParameter node is a series of nulls. Is there any particular reason for this or cause for worry, or is it just one of those things? The null occurs if I use a string input or Parameter Types / Parameter Groups nodes.


I’m guessing these nodes need to have an output, but as it doesn’t have anything useful to give I think it just gives a null instead.

Still getting nulls. There is a post on the Dynamo Git about this node from last summer (06/2017) but I thought I saw somewhere that it was fixed… unless I am just confused and getting something mixed up?

After looking at the output it is still creating a weird shared parameter that doesn’t really exist in the SP file. I’m thinking probably not a good idea to use this at the moment.

I’ve done something closer to the one you shown. But here It just works fine after changing the names of parameters I am trying to create, if open the dyn file an run. Nothing happens.