Create project parameters and set to categories

Hi, I’ve read some topics about creating shared parameters and tried to create parameters on my project and set to categories but i failed. I’d like create a parameter group called for example ‘Data’ and the Parameter Name ‘Test’. Then i’d like to add this parameter to categorie ‘Walls’. The group is made, but not the parameter ‘Test’.


Add Shared Parameters


Your setup looks OK. I would add a Transaction.Close after Add Shared Parameter node and before you try to write to the parameter. But that’s not the issue here as you are getting NULL coming from the Add Param node which tells me that something is wrong. First, does the shared parameter file exists?


Yes the SharedParameter file exists and is located somewhere on my C:

The parameter group is added (data), but the Parameter not. (test)

I can’t fix it, maybe in the Python script?

I have had the exact same result, correct inputs and shared parameters file loaded but I get a null at the end. The group is created with the correct name but does not contain any new parameters:-(

Ok people ,is there anybody who has a solution for me??

Sorry Leon, I don’t have an answer for you, but I would like to add that I am having the same issue with the “Add Shared Parameter” node giving me a value of (null) after running it.

For me, after running the script, the “Parameter Group” is created in the Shared Parameter file, but the parameter itself is not. Are you seeing similar behavior?


Can anybody fix the node “Add sared Parameter to Project”?

Hi Leon, You will find your answer here

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