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They will create new profiles, and then PVIs can be added to them.

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Wow, I’m still adjusting to understanding the way the nodes are named. But I like how it splits up the actions of creating an object, and then actually adding definition to the object. Once you get a little more used to it, this way of seeing Civil 3D seems more logical than the way it is presented through the program’s default user interface.

That online Python tool is excellent! I do need to re-install Pycharm again; I had it to start learning Python. (One Windows re-install later, I keep forgetting to install it again)

Hi Zach, I’m new to dynamo. I’m trying to create multiple profiles from one of your scripts but not winning. Please take a look at the attached image and kindly advise.

Hi @sihle.dlamini,

It looks like there are just a few inputs missing. You need to provide values for ‘style’, ‘labelSet’, and ‘offset’. If you hover over any port you will see what type of object it is expecting and whether a default value is supplied. If there is no default value (as is the case for all of the inputs except ‘layer’ for this specific node), then the node will not execute until a value is supplied.

On another note, I see that the profile name you’ve supplied is “EG - Surface” in double quotes. Because it’s a string node, the double quotes are not needed, unless of course you want the profile to be named “EG - Surface” with the double quotes. If you put the same thing in a code block, then the double quotes would be needed so that it is interpreted as a string.

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Hi @mzjensen

Thanks a lot, works like a charm

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