Create Design Profiles for Multiple Alignments

For @Ernest.Villanueva. See original post here.

Here is an example of creating design profiles for multiple alignments. It will create a simple profile that matches the EG elevations at the start and end of the alignment, i.e. this is not a script for optimizing a vertical profile. It just reduces the effort of creating several profiles and requires manual modification afterwards to add PVIs, vertical curves, etc. as appropriate. Note that this will require the Civil 3D Toolkit package.

CreateDesignProfiles.dwg (885.3 KB)
CreateDesignProfiles.dyn (83.5 KB)
MultipleCorridors.xlsx (8.8 KB)

I try to make Design Profile By another way (Istill beginner :slight_smile: )
But can You check why it dont take the start elevation from Profile, please

Design profile.dyn (48.3 KB)