Create Design Profiles for Multiple Alignments

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Here is an example of creating design profiles for multiple alignments. It will create a simple profile that matches the EG elevations at the start and end of the alignment, i.e. this is not a script for optimizing a vertical profile. It just reduces the effort of creating several profiles and requires manual modification afterwards to add PVIs, vertical curves, etc. as appropriate. Note that this will require the Civil 3D Toolkit package.

CreateDesignProfiles.dwg (885.3 KB)
CreateDesignProfiles.dyn (83.5 KB)
MultipleCorridors.xlsx (8.8 KB)



I try to make Design Profile By another way (Istill beginner :slight_smile: )
But can You check why it dont take the start elevation from Profile, please

Design profile.dyn (48.3 KB)

Hi @mzjensen I am trying to follow your example above. When I run the script with your files, everything
works as expected. When I changed a few inputs on your script to run my files, it creates the FG Profiles but is not drawing the FG in the Civil 3D drawings. It looks like the script is getting stuck on the String.Contains node. Any thoughts?

FG Profiles

Change the content of the Code Block as now it is looking for everything that contains “CE-TOPO” and non of the profiles on the image contain that as a name. Try changing it to just “CE-”.

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I’m trying to apply this script to my project,

but I get an error

@david_licona thanks for your quick response. That fixed my problem. I thought the code block was looking for an existing surface even though it did not make a lot of sense since the code block is part of the “GET EG Profiles.”
Thanks again.


I’ve taken this dynamo provided in the post above but already had the alignments present in my drawing. So I’ve tried to modifiy the dyn provided in the post above by having it select all the alignments within the drawing but i’m getting an error and not sure on how to fix it. I’ve provided a screenshot below. Thanks in advance for the help!
Hello I’m hoping someone could help me figure out what I’m doing wrong. Im trying to creat an existing ground profile for multiple alignments. See pic below. Thanks in advance for your help.

Can you upload the Dynamo graph and/or a higher resolution screenshot? It is hard to see the warning.

CreateSurfaceProfiles_VerTEST.dyn (21.0 KB)

Thanks. What does the warning say?

it appears its not accepting the my code block node as a double for the offset.

OK, try using a Number or Number Slider node instead.

now that solved the int and double issue now it looks like its missing an expecting arguement. I count 9 inputs but now its only asking for 8?

Nope you have the right number, the first input needs to be Alignment objects and not strings.

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