Create Profile Views for Multiple Alignments

For @Ernest.Villanueva. See original post here.

Attached is an example for creating profile views for multiple alignments. There is some Python code to prompt the user for an insertion point, and then options for changing the number of rows, number of columns, and spacing between each, as well as if the views are arranged from bottom-to-top or top-to-bottom. Note that the Civil 3D Toolkit package is required.

CreateProfileViews.dwg (786.9 KB)
CreateProfileViews.dyn (70.6 KB)
MultipleCorridors.xlsx (8.8 KB)


This looks really neat great job!

Hello mzjensen , Thank you for your really helpful file. I have one issue: Profile view i get are empty, theres no terrain at all, but the nodes doesnt show me any advice.
Thank you in advanced

Hi @Carlos.C.D,

It’s not clear what the screenshot is showing. Can you explain a little bit more what you are trying to do? Are you working with the sample files provided above, or with a different dataset?

Hi mzjensen, sorry i made a mistake and Existing Ground wasnt shown in profiles, i fixed it and your .dyn worked great! Thank you

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Hello, I am new to dynamo, so please forgive me. How do I add or tell the program what surface I am using? I have the same issue as above. I get a profile with no surface. Any help would be much appreciated. Thank you.

@Carlos.C.D this only creates Profile Views and not Profiles. If there are no Profiles associated with the Alignment, then there won’t be anything in the Profile Views. You’ll have to modify or create a different graph if you want to also create Profiles. There are some other examples for how to do this if you search around the forum.

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Hi @mzjensen thanks for sharing your dynamo script on creating multiple profile views. @Carlos.C.D I think this is the way to add the existing ground profile to the profile views. @mzjensen is this how you would do it? Or would you add this node in the script where you create the multiple alignments?

Yep, that works! It certainly could be done in a graph that creates the alignments as well. You could even combine it all and make alignments, profiles, and profile views all at once. Just depends on how you want to set it up.

I want to set up a workflow for our existing dry utilities. In our office is a standard that we create pipe networks for our dry utilities and show them 2.5 deep until depth is confirmed. I have a graph that creates alignments from polylines, existing ground profiles, profiles views, and pipe networks from polylines in one run. My problem is that it works only for one polyline at a time. Now that I see your example I know it can be done on multiple polylines at the same time but it might require some python code, is that right?