Basic/installation help: Visual Programming not visible in Civil 3D 2020, Dynamo not connected?

I’ve installed using the Dynamo4Civil.exe for the correct version of Civil 3D. However, Visual Programing

is not visible in the Manage ribbon. I have sections for Data Shortcuts, Action Recorder, Customization, Applications, CAD Standards, and Styles, but no Visual Programming.

I can invoke Dynamo using the command line. dynamo autocompletes to AECCLAUNCHDYNAMO/DYNAMOPLAYER, and AECCRUNDYNAMOSCRIPT. I can successfully open a given model in Dynamo, but something appears to be wrong. In the example usage for the model, changing from Manual to Automatic immediately brings up a prompt in the open dwg. In my case, when I run it on Manual or when I switch it to Automatic, it just says the script ran, but no prompts or results show. I have verified the file paths for the model, and have not changed the model from defaults .

The pairing of these behaviors makes me think there is some sort of disconnect between Civil 3D 2020 and Dynamo, such as the installation failing somehow. However, I have not used Dynamo before this and there could be some sort of user error here. Please advise.

Hi @NBS,

Did you install Dynamo through the Autodesk Desktop App?

I downloaded the 2020 version of the Dynamo4Civil.exe from this address Autodesk - Account

Hmm OK. I haven’t seen this issue before so I’m not exactly sure. My first thought is that it’s an installation issue. There was an update awhile ago that came through the Desktop App to bring everything up to the current version. You could maybe try to see if that update is available.

There was an issue with the Desktop App (it would open, just load to the point of having visible text, then close itself). I uninstalled, wiped Registry settings per these instructions, and restarted. Desktop App now runs normally. However, there are no Dynamo entries in the C3D tab, and when I search under ‘My products and tools’ there are no results for “dynamo” or “Dynamo”.

When I click on “Access my compete list of products and services” it takes me to the Autodesk account webpage mentioned earlier. If I search through the updates available in there, then Dynamo Update 2 shows up. The date on the Dynamo4Civil.exe file is Jan 6, 2020. The more recent April 5, 2020 file is for C3D 2021.

TL;DR - Just to be thorough, I uninstalled Dynamo, restarted, installed it again via the Dynamo4Civil.exe file and results are still what was mentioned earlier.

@NBS Can you try manually loading AeccDynamo.dll using netload command? The AeccDynamo.dll is under [AutoCAD]/C3D folder. If it works, then perhaps there is some AutoCAD registry missing.

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@angelohbwang Yes, that file is available, and accessing it via netload doesn’t cause any errors. However, it doesn’t seem to do anything else either. No new Manage ribbon sections appear, nor do any menus/dialog windows appear. The command line tools of AECCLAUNCHDYNAMO/DYNAMOPLAYER, and AECCRUNDYNAMOSCRIPT are still available and seem to function as before.

Could the icons be hidden at the end of the Manage ribbon tab due to too many buttons? :slight_smile:

That’s a reasonable guess, but no - there’s lots of room to display more sections.

same problem here. Installed 2022 then 2020. No dynamo in the toolbar, and I can only call it from the commande line. It is ok once you know it. But for relatively new user it is a bother.

answer to self.
that was a noob issue on my side. Or maybe just another bad UX from autodesk :angry:
I was opening Civil3D as Autocad ans not Civil itself

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