Create plane based on two points

I was wondering how you can create a plane between two points using dynamo. The dynamo structure I gave does create a plane (because it slices the solid), but it doesnt do this between the two given point (red and blue), how can I overcome this issue?

When you want to create a plane from just two points you’ll have to specify, not only the origin/ rotation axis of the plane. But also that the plane you want is vertical (i assume)

Otherwise, an infinite amount of planes through 2 points would be correct:

A better approach, assuming you want a vertical plane, is to do something like this:

Now only 1 plane (ignoring the exact position of the origin) is correct.


hi, excuse me for my late reaction.

Can you show the result of your second image. Is it a vertical plane? Because that is what I’m looking for.

Thanks for your response.

The small square (in the 3D view) in the screenshot, above the nodes, represents the plane.

And yes that one is vertical

Ah thanks, I will try if it works next time I got time.

Thanks for your help!