Create PLANAR Curtain panels that follow two different base and top slab edges paths

Hiii Everyone,
I’m trying to create a curtain panels with mullions that should connect between lower slab edge and upper slab edge.

  • The first issue is that the two slab edges are not the same in their paths as shown in image below

  • The second issue is that if i create points along the lower edges and the same for the upper edges then trying to connect between them to create a surface, i found that this surface is not a planar surface and this is because the lower and upper slab edges have no the same path.

  • the shots from design should be like this (with a planar panel and a shifting between panels out of plane

  • graph and Revit model (2021) are attached
    Test.rvt (1.6 MB)
    NBS Trial3.dyn (298.0 KB)

    My problem is that I CAN’T CREATE A Planar Surface , Any Help Please ?