Curtain Panel.Boundaries

I’ve received an intricate model from someone else that I’m trying to simplify. Previously, I’ve relatively successfully used a short routine of selecting the “curtain panel” category and then creating a polycurve from the boundary(I would ideally like the 4 corner points of each curtain panel but the polycurve is working for now). In this specific model however the Categories(Curtain Panels)>All Elements of Category is returning a list of “Curtain Panels” as well as “Family” with “Type” and “Wall”. Connecting the CurtainPanel.Boundaries node is only successful with about 10% of the inputs. How can I handle the other “family” and “type” in the lists?Separate them? and why aren’t they coming up as “curtain panel” like the others(selecting them in Revit shows they come from the curtain panel families)??


Please post a Revit model in question.

Konrad thanks for the response. Unfortunately I can’t post the model or families in the model. The model cannot be shared outside of contract. Is there anything else I can provide to help?

Tell us how these panels were made so that we can understand the problem that you are dealing with. I am guessing that someone nested walls inside of a Curtain Wall Panel, is that correct?

I don’t see any Walls in the curtain panels families. Strictly generic model families inside with adaptive points, ref points, ref planes , on a tile pattern grid.