Raised Access flooring component placement

Hi All,
I am cracking my head around coming up with a solution to eliminate duplicate pedestals under raised access flooring panels. The basic requirement is to be able to use curtain systems or divided mass surface to generate raised access flooring - which is a an adaptive rectangular family. But my problem is that the pedestals would be repeated with each panel whereas the ideal case would be to have one pedestal per crossing. Similary for stringers shared by each of the sides of the panels. Just trying to see if I can develop a template to drive the process of raised access floor modeling for a sub-contractor.

One solution I was thinking of is, to use glazed roofing category and get the grid right with generic panels and use a dynamo script to distribute pedestal families at intersection nodes of the curtain/grid system.

Any direction or help is appreciated.

Some direction would be to look at Nate miller’s lunchbox nodes. He has some nifty surface division tools in there.

Thanks was going through that just now, nothing specific. Anybody know where I can get API code for collecting curtain system or curtain grids/intersection or nodes?

Sorry to resurrect this thread but have you found a solution to this?
And another question is that if you glazed roofing category, it will not be able to host floor based families anymore.

Please go ahead and start a new thread and describe the problem fully.

This thread is rather old and I am betting there are a lot more solutions now.

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