Apply Scope Box to Specific Views using excel sheet

hey all
i new dynamo , i try to assign scope box to specific views coming from excel file then this massge come out when it come scope box node ‘The parameter’s storage type is not a string’

duplicate view from excel file.dyn (80.6 KB)

You are trying to set the Scope Box by just using its name. You have to supply and actual element. You will need to a scope box Categories node with All Elements of Category and filter them out using your input from Excel. Just make sure you are feeding the SetParameter node an element (green boxed text on the end), and not just text or “string” information.

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@SeanP Thanks for your comment it very helpful now i understand how i fix the value but i need to get the scope box from excel file because i assign every scope box into specific view in excel

You need to plug in the information from you Excel using the node you currently have where the “Code Block” is in my example.
This will give you each scope box after the Boolean filter.

its not one scope box there is 18 scope box and the number of views i have is 60 views ,at i assign the scope box to views but when i wire the data come from scopbox node it give me ‘The parameter’s storage type is not a string’

Do this…

The scope box name is coming from Excel

You could make a dictionary with the scope boxes and their names. Then use that dictionary with your Excel names to get the correct scope box.

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it will take only one scope box not all scope box same issue

sory nick can you teel me more about how to make a dictionary , i’am new dynamo user

Search through the forum first, there are plenty of examples, give it a shot and get back to us with any questions you have. This kind of thing is very common.

You will need to work your list levels and lacing to get the desired results.

so i search for a dictionary and i come with this result

i try this but it didn’t work

read this
It is simpler to use the dictionary nodes, rather than randomly trying a code block

In Excel terms, dictionary is similar to a ‘vlookup’ function i.e. using columns to look up information

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hey all i am very thankful for your help, you are amazing i Finally make it and i love to share it with you